Men Standing Alone

Holding the Word of God in the worst of times

at Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester
on Saturday 12 May, 2018, doors open 9:00

Speaker – Rupert Bently-Taylor

Main Talks

  1. 1. Noah in the days of the flood

    Genesis 6:1

    Rupert Bently-Taylor

  2. 2. Micaiah in the days of Ahab

    1 Kings 22:1

    Rupert Bently-Taylor

  3. 3. Paul in the days of Nero

    2 Timothy 3:10

    Rupert Bently-Taylor

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Noah in the days of the flood


Micaiah in the days of Ahab


Tim Farron MP


Paul in the days of Nero


Rupert Bently-Taylor

Rupert was born into a missionary family and lived as a child in the Far East where he came to faith. He taught history for six years and then went on to serve as a pastor for 30 years, firstly in Bournemouth and then in Bath. He also served for three years as the very last FIEC President. He has taught the Bible in a number of training courses and conventions and been engaged in preaching training in North India over many years. He and his wife, Margie, are currently involved in a new church, Emmanuel Church, in Bath, though Rupert now speaks widely across the country. They have four grown-up children and thirteen grandchildren (at the time of writing!).